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Discover Litho Tech's Secure Printing, Packaging & Delivery
A full-service approach to Secure Print

  Secure "Our last supplier didn't have documented security procedures. After seeing what you have in place, I feel like we were just lucky nothing major happened. I am so happy we made the decision to move our exam printing to you! " - Pat M., Operations Manager
Comprehensive IT & Production Security procedues
  • High-resolution security cameras (ADT Security Services)
  • Securely packaged: delivered in a highly-secured locked truck
  • Locked production area
  • Access control system
  Accurate "We went back and verified our receiving with your documentation and found that one box was still on our dock. You guys always deliver exactly what you say you are going to! Your documentation was correct as usual." - Allen, Project Manager
Our experienced staff takes pride in the accuracy of our work:
  • Barcode reader varifies the accurate count of exams
  • We weigh each and every exam book to make sure all the pages are there
  • A staff person looks at every 25th book to ensure accuracy
  • No security breaches ever!
  Consistent "I have been consistently impressed with both the quality of their product and the excellence of the service we have received." - Jane, Editing & Production Services
The consistency of each secure exam project is unmatched
  • The average tenure within our production staff = over 20 years
  • With employees that care, we've developed a Proven Track-record